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Long-Exposure Photography Tips

The Exposure Triangle shows us that there are 3 things we can change in our camera settings in order to achieve proper exposure for the light conditions in our intended scene. The combination of these 3 variables are changed in

How to Photograph Foggy Landscapes

Fog photography can make some beautiful images for ourselves and others to enjoy. Fog photography can be scenic landscapes, urban views, or focused on the nature of fog in itself.  Each of these has its own unique characteristics and challenges,

Get Started With Travel Photography

I don’t think I’ve ever met a photographer who isn’t obsessed with travel photography. Granted, travel photography is all the rage right now due to social media platforms, but travel photography has been around since mass photography started.  People crave

Beginner Guide for Using a Gimbal

Gimbals can assist you in getting beautifully smooth, cinematic footage, but they aren’t foolproof. They have their limitations, and as with everything, they require a good deal of practice before you start to reap the benefits of using one.  In