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Kate Middleton Reportedly Wears These $20 High Heel Insoles

Upsides of being a duchess: Great clothes, meaningful charity work, awesome box seats at Wimbledon, the chance to wear actual tiaras. Downsides of being a duchess: Lack of privacy, gossip spread about you in the press, and wearing high heels


Who needs jeans? usy Beverly Hills moms pile everything into them, in Cannes and Biarritz, they make the perfect beach tote, and during a 14-hour international flight, they’re filled with all the necessities for the seasoned jetsetter. Goyard, the French luxury

Instagram’s Favorite Leopard Midi Skirt Is on Sale for $25

No, that’s not a typo. We’ve been thinking about it the entire summer: The stylish, swishy silhouette. The buttery silk fabric. The hemline that hits just below the knee. Yes, we’re talking about the leopard midi skirt that’s been all over your

Katie Holmes Wore Veja Sneakers While Walking Her Dogs With Suri

Despite reports that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have broken up (we’re just a little sad), Holmes isn’t hibernating at home and hiding from the public. Instead, she’s kept up with her daily routines like walking around NYC, and even found time to photograph some street

The Item I Wear to Death: My Catbird Stacking Rings

Please bury me with them. Hi, my name is Jenny, and I lose things. When I completed graduate school, my parents gave me a diamond necklace, and then promptly took it back to keep it in a safe “until you

The Best Loafers to Shop Right Now

Equal parts fashion and function, leather slip-ons work hard for your wardrobe. Loafers’ longevity (the first pair dates back to 1936) is a true testament to their reliability in both comfort and style. Pair a classic option with your weekend

What Meghan Markle’s Capsule Collection Might Include, Based on the Sneak Peek Video

Yesterday, Meghan Markle paid a secret visit to Smart Works, one of the charities she’s patron of. The Sussex Royals account subsequently shared an adorable video that details Meghan’s work on the capsule collection she’s creating to benefit the charity—Meghan

Gigi Hadid Wears Sunglasses on a Nighttime Date With Tyler Cameron

So chic. So inefficient. For anyone who isn’t old like me: “Sunglasses at Night” was a really popular song that almost immediately turned into a joke, because, don’t wear sunglasses at night unless you want to get into an accident?

Katie Holmes Has Been Living Her Best Fashion Life Since Her Breakup From Jamie Foxx

Hot. Girl. Summer. Ever since the heartbreak heard round the world, a.k.a. the split between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, the bad news keeps coming. We just learned, for example, that the couple has been over since MAY (also the same

Stitch Fix Gave Me the Confidence to Shop as a Wheelchair User

on’t tell my boss, but on most work days I get out of bed, wash up, and log on to my computer in my pajamas. I work from home in case you haven’t guessed. I’m also not a morning person.