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Rise of the diversity chief: Why this is the newest C-suite role

After a fair share of fashion advertising blunders, leading companies are pledging to be more inclusive with help from a new role. The fashion world has been under scrutiny in recent times following several campaign blunders, but perhaps that is

Sir Richard Branson opens up about how dyslexia helped shape the Virgin Group

The British business magnate penned how the disorder impacted his empire. Sir Richard Branson is the billionaire behind one of the world’s most iconic companies, Virgin Group, but what is perhaps less known about the business magnate is his struggle

The industry set to reach US$25.11 billion by 2025 – and it’s not technology

How a demand for all things eco is driving innovation and investment in the global beauty industry, shaking up heritage brands and encouraging a slew of start-ups in the process. Face cream, body lotion and mascara may seem the most

These cities have the healthiest work–life balance

By comparing data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation and liveability, ‘Cities for the Best Work–Life Balance 2019’ index shows why we need to work smarter, not harder. In the modern age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to juggle home, work

The world’s leading CEOs are shunning banks – and this is why

With regulatory pressures around the world diminishing major banks’ appetite for commercial lending, CEOs are increasingly turning to alternative financiers to fill this gap. According to research by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, at the University of Cambridge Judge Business

Marriott will spend US$500 million on female-owned businesses

Companies in Asia and the US will be financially supported by the hotel chain. Marriott International has pledged it will spend US$500 million with female-owned businesses in 2019. A range of companies in Asia and the US will be supported

Pip Marlow becomes CEO of Salesforce Australia New Zealand

Pip Marlow has been appointed CEO of Salesforce Australia and New Zealand, 24 hours after it was announced she was leaving her role as CEO of customer marketplace at Suncorp. Pip Marlow, a judge of The CEO Magazine‘s Executive of the Year

PepTalkHer’s Meggie Palmer is on a mission to close the gender pay gap

The Australian business is making waves in the US with its new app, designed to improve women’s negotiating skills, boost their confidence, and help them achieve fair and equal pay. When asked how her business came to be, Meggie Palmer

Is your workplace ready for Gen Y and Gen Z?

How leaders can adapt to meet the demands – and leverage the benefits – of gen Y and gen Z in the workplace. A company’s greatest competitive advantage is its people. With gen Y gradually moving into management and gen

How Sir Michael Hill’s tragic house fire led him to 40 years of success

Michael Hill jewellers celebrates its 40th anniversary. If it weren’t for a raging house fire that destroyed Sir Michael Hill’s entire life possessions, his iconic jewellery empire may never have been created. “It was really weird that night (of the